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Slight Relief from Inflation Helps Indians to Manage Their Budgets

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Slight Relief from Inflation Helps Indians to Manage Their Budgets

January 14
14:41 2014

vegetableNew Delhi, Tuesday, January 14 – If a lately report is to be believed, then persistently lofty inflation of the country started to decelerate a bit. Cooling prices of veggies imparted a major role in managing the budget of different households. Since September to November, a lot of people gave up buying onions due to it unaffordable cost. In more than a few states, its price touched the market of INR 100, diminishing its chances to stay in kitchen.

Before Delhi Legislative Assembly Elections, the mob kept discussing that inflation will make things difficult for the Congress party and it happened in the same way. December elections turned nightmare for Congressmen, especially three-time Delhi chief minister Sheila Dixit, who always chose to have an easy escape over serious issues.

However, as costs of various domestic goods have come a tad down, the ruling Congress party gets something to breathe sigh of relief. It is already struggling to win back confidence of voters, who seemed much inclined to cast their votes in favor of Aam Aadmi Party and Bharatiya Janata Party in the coming election that is due by May.

As per the latest reports, wholesale rates probably inched lower in December to 7.00 percent from a 14-month peak of 7.52 percent in the previous month. Doggedly high inflation in the midst of the deceleration pressured budgets of various families. They restricted themselves not to buy unnecessary items, prices of which kept on climbing each new day.

Increased prices of vital food stuffs, particularly vegetables and fruits, deteriorated financial planning. After onions, potatoes and tomatoes turned unreasonable for buying in the fourth quarter of 2013. But as soon as the new harvest reached to markets, prices of these common veggies got a bit lowered in the recent past.

Although, a slight respite is observed these days due to the lowering costs of daily goods, however doubt remains whether same scenario will continue in the near future or people will have to fight with skyrocketing rates of food items. As per the reports from sources, the common man may be drubbed other ways since price of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), petrol and diesel might get increased with a substantial hike.

Nevertheless, there is no need to get worried after eyeing assumptions. In view of the fact that prices of numerous eatables have been reduced, it would be better to store them for future. Small and effective tips can help people balance their budgets up to great extent. Gather techniques how to store fresh vegetables and fruits for long time and keep them safe in fridge for further usage.

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