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Clara BAI: Research on the innovation of the communication mode of movies and TV dramas adapted from network novels

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Clara BAI: Research on the innovation of the communication mode of movies and TV dramas adapted from network novels

April 03
17:05 2024

Hong Kong – The close combination of literature and video makes the relationship of novel and film and television has long become normally in the Chinese film and television industry. With the popularity of the Internet, the traditional way of communication by writing shows various limitations in the paper media. As a new type of novel, network novel has the characteristics of convenience of creation, freedom of communication and content interaction, which prospers with the development of network platform. In recent years, the number of online novels has surged and the number of readers has increased significantly, thus arousing the attention of online novels in the film and television industry to online novels. Therefore, more and more network novels have been adapted into movies or TV series, which has become an important resource for the film and television industry.

The network novels have a significant advantage in the content, it is more close to life and more civilian, so people can think that the network novels’ content is popularization and subject matter diversification. Compared with traditional novels, network authors do not need to pursue grand themes and value significance when creating network novels. For example, the creator of a Story of Lalas Promotion is based on his own work experience. In addition, the themes of network novels are rich and diverse, and the screenwriters of film and TV dramas adapt the original works, and also  retain their own innovation fully. These characteristics make network novels receive wide attention and love in today’s society.

The other reason is that the script shortage in the market, it leads to the high ratings. The film and television industry is experiencing a period of lack of scripts, although the TV drama creation continues, it is difficult to stimulate the audience’s enthusiasm for viewing. Network novels are rich in themes and close to people’s lives, and their characteristics of popularization just make up for this gap. Moreover, the movies and TV dramas which adapted from network novels, once they are published on the Internet because of much of audience base. More importantly, the characteristics of low copyright and high boxing office of network novels have significant advantages in the market economy.

The script selection of the movies and TV dramas, including the characteristic of common and innovation. Despite the rich and colorful themes of online novels, caution should be taken when adapting them into film and television works. When choosing a subject matter, it must take into account whether it conforms to the relevant audit procedures and its film and television performance. At the same time, in the process of adaptation, we should think about innovation as the core, and try to enhance the attractiveness of the works within the scope of audio-visual art, in order to achieve the success of ratings, and win the high recognition and support of the industry.

“Use and satisfaction theory treats audience members as people with specific needs, and their media contact activities are seen as a process of ‘using’ media to meet these needs out of the motivation to meet specific needs”. From the audience’s point of view, the network novel adapted into movies and TV just meet the needs of the broad audience. Although the way of communication cannot completely determine what the audience watches, it can also affect the audience’s focus. As the communication intermediary of network novels adapted from movies and TV dramas, film and television companies must create enough topics to arouse the attention of the audience in the early stage of the broadcasting of movies and TV dramas. In the new media environment, film and television companies make full use of the advantages of the Internet to promote both online and offline communication, and further enhance the attention of films and TV dramas.

In today’s increasingly complex and changeable media environment, network novels can make full use of the freedom and convenience of network platforms, combined with the development advantages of new media, and can provide new ideas and channels for the dissemination of movies and TV dramas. At the same time, the characteristics of network novels, such as the popularization, rich , diverse themes and close to life, also provide rich materials and inspiration for the creation of movies and TV dramas. the film and television companies can better understand the needs and concerns of the audience through the interaction and communication with the audience , so as to develop more accurate marketing strategies, and further enhance the attention and influence of films and TV dramas. In addition, the choice of scripts and innovative adaptation are also the key to the success of movies and TV dramas. Manufacturers should focus on the audience, pay attention to the innovation and expression of the script, in order to achieve the success of audience rating, and win the high recognition and support of the industry. Therefore, the transmission mode of network novels adapted from movies and TV plays is worth our further study and exploration.

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